OutDoor Wedding Venue in Kampala, Uganda

OutDoor Wedding Venue in Kampala, Uganda

Pine Leisure Park is situated in Wakiso District along Entebbe Road. It likewise gives a wedding Venue, bar, eatery, and a shared parlor on top of a leisure park.


We have interacted with many individuals looking for a wedding venue in and around Kampala. Clearly, many are continually searching for venues that permit clients to bring in their food and drinks. This worry makes perfect sense, on a wedding budget, food and drinks generally account for over 50% of the total wedding or introduction budget.

In Uganda, what makes an ideal party isn’t that luxurious stylistic decoration or the couple’s expensive clothing – sorry lady, it’s not your stunning Cinderella outfit but rather it makes a difference as well. Truth be told, it’s not even the Venue although that is what the issue here is.


What makes a significant Ugandan wedding is accurately the food and beverages. What’s more, as bad as this may sound, individuals will recollect you relying upon how you affect them and for this situation, on the off chance that they drink themselves senseless and eat however much they need, yours will be their best wedding. Ever!

This clarifies why most people fancy wedding and introduction venues that allow people to bring in their caterers and drinks. Especially when they are hosting huge numbers of guests

All things considered, we are among a couple of venues in and around Kampala that will permit you to get your food and drinks


We bring trustworthiness, development, and enthusiasm to each and every occasion we do.


Our team is of the conviction that nothing not exactly amazing will do. We value fitting special festivals with the most significant level of an individual and expert touch.

Despite the size, a big day ought to consistently be an expansion of the characters of the lady of the hour and husband-to-be.

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